Discover how we can help you own your greatness with 1:1 coaching and support.

Coaching Programs

Personal Coaching

Are you busy caring for everyone else and feeling exhausted by trying to perfect the juggle between work and home life? We can help you uncover and realign to the things that matter most, so you can recover from stress, anxiety, and perfectionism, and live a more courageous, joyful and free life.

EQ Coaching

Success in our roles takes more than technical proficiency. We need strong emotional intelligence to become a great leader and team player. We can support you and your team members to through 1:1 coaching and programs develop empathy, self-awareness and communication skills.

Executive Coaching

It’s lonely at the top. Things are more complicated — more responsibilities, more people relying on you, and more to lose. We can help you avoid burn-out, outbursts of anger and losing good people vital to your organization so that you rise above the pressure, instead of collapsing beneath it.

“When I lost two valuable employees after I blew up during the call, I knew I needed help.

I decided to begin the 12 month Executive Coaching 1:1 program with Dr. Mat. Since then, I have learned healthier ways to manage and express my emotions – to become more curious, rather than furious and now my team is bigger and stronger than ever.”

Sung Cho – CEO and Founder of Chartmetric

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