Our mission is to help you master your own life and own your greatness.

We do this by providing you with the clarity and confidence which comes from knowing who you are at your core and how to live a life that is unrestricted and unapologetically your own.

Our ‘why’

No matter who you are or where you are in life, you need the right skills and tools for success. We work with everyone from executives, professional athletes, coaches, teams, organizations and individuals looking for personal and professional growth.

The problem is that there are fundamental skills we need to achieve our own version of success that no one teaches you at school.

Skills like:

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-care and compassion
  • Managing burn-out
  • Successful communication
  • Managing difficult conversations with ease
  • Navigating mental blocks and performance anxiety
  • Practicing vulnerability and courage in relationships
  • Manifestation

In both our work and our personal lives, these emotional skills matter.

Unfortunately, so many people remain stuck repeating the same unhelpful patterns for decades.

Hi, We’re Julia & Mat.

We both kept seeing the same stories playing out in our clients’ lives…

We saw clients who were incredibly successful on paper, but not on the inside.

People who were extremely compassionate towards others, but not towards themselves.

Brilliant entrepreneurs who almost lost everything because they didn’t have the relationship skills to deal with different personalities and range of emotions.

Professionals and elite athletes with a tremendous amount of talent, who struggled with their mental blocks and performance anxiety.

We went on to spend more than a decade searching for answers to these problems.

For our clients, and also for ourselves.

We want you to be able to achieve what you want in life, without losing yourself in the process and live up to your fullest potential.

We are called The Insight Company because ‘insight’ refers to a deep understanding from within. Knowledge itself cannot create a true transformation. Our heart and brain need to be in sync and fully integrated in order to be and do our best.


 Julia Oh

Founder, Peak Performance & Wellness Coach

My passion is to help people reach their goals with grit and compassion.

Julia supports her clients unlock their potential at the intersection of high performance and well-being. She is certified in Emotional Intelligence, DiSC profile, and a certified Brené Brown The Daring Way™ Facilitator. With a background in counseling/therapy, as a former Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Julia co-created the acclaimed The 6S Method™ training program with her partner, to help leaders and peak performers unlock their fullest potential in sport, business, and life. 

Julia is a well-regarded speaker on the topics of vulnerability, courage, peak performance and resilience. She works with individuals, leaders and teams using an inside-out approach, wholeheartedly living and leading from a place of their inherent worth and their greatness.

Julia’s story

I had a dream of becoming a concert pianist, but that dream soon ended when I experienced memory slips on stage stemming from performance anxiety.

Despite my teacher’s recommendation of pushing through, I quickly decided that I didn’t have enough “talent” to continue… so I quit. I struggled with shame and disappointment for many years thereafter.

After giving up on the dream to be a concert pianist, I switched my career to a licensed music therapist, then a licensed psychotherapist. Through my various trainings and certifications, coupled with my own inner work, I was able to look back at my choices and understand the importance of self-awareness. My inner work continues to this day and my training will continue to provide my clients the best version of myself. 

I realized that success is not based on talent alone, but more importantly, grit and loving yourself through the grueling experience of competitive sports, work, and life. There is a famous quote by Maya Angelou,“success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”  At the end of the day, I want my clients to feel this way and to be compassionate with themselves. This may seem counterintuitive to what we’ve been taught by society and our upbringing, but the research shows over and over again that we become more resilient when we do. 

Mat Park

Lead Facilitator & Master Trainer

My passion is to empower those who want to go from good to great using peak performance strategies.

As a former university professor of sport psychology and peak performance psychologist, Mat helps his clients reach their optimal performance states by using personalized tools and tailored approaches to get the most out of themselves and their teams.

Mat coaches and trains executives and their teams on how to navigate through various changes, build flourishing cultures, and reach new heights in leading people. As the co-creator of the acclaimed The 6S Method™ training program, Mat has identified the necessary habits that leaders can learn to navigate difficult situations successfully and help organizational leaders build a thriving and peak performing culture. Through his own transformational work, Mat found his passion in peak performance psychology and the “why” behind helping others through their own inner work.

Mat’s story

In my work with NASA executives, professional athletes, business leaders, CEOs, and founders, the one consistent theme I continually come across in my work is this: humans perform better, faster, and more efficiently, when they do the inner work. 

Doing the inner work requires time for yourself and creating space for reflection. This pursuit, however, can become a rather daunting task without the right support. 

We have heard the adage “it is lonely at the top.” The reason is often because there are only a few whom you can disclose sensitive information with in full transparency and confidentiality, without detrimental consequences. I have been considered a trusted advisor to many entrepreneurs, leaders, and professional athletes who deal with tremendous amounts of pressure to perform their best on demand. To have this title as “trusted advisor and coach,” is one of the most incredible honors I have in life. 

I have been called upon by the best of the best across many industries, to guide them on their innerwork journey. Together, we work on self-narratives, vulnerabilities, and experiences and provide  incredible insightful solutions weaved into actionable steps to unlock peak performance states. 

Whether you are a senior executive preparing for the next transition in life or a professional athlete dealing with uncertainty of the outcome, the work I do with my clients is personal, intimate, and highly effective in unlocking their biggest assets from within and to achieve consistent peak performance states.

What we believe in


The decision to try new things is often vulnerable, courageous, and brave. Be it to end a relationship, to start a new one, or simply to try something new takes courage. It’s not about winning or losing. It’s about being in the arena and stand for what you believe in.


Life is short and there is no time to waste trying to be something that you’re not. We need to be the best versions of ourselves to achieve the best version of success for ourselves.


We focus on quality over quantity and creating work that has real substance. We believe in competency and reliability and being “all in” during the coaching process. What that looks like is respondig to clients’ emails within 24 hours, during business hours and doing everything in our power to not have to cancel on you.


Instead of resisting what’s not working, be alert but relaxed in everything you do. People who perform at their best are people who get in the flow state.


We focus on not getting stuck in the routine. We always strive to get curious and practice the creativity to think outside of the box and create an element of fun, joy, and surprise.


We practice compassion towards ourselves and extend it towards other people. It has to start with us. Other people are either coaches or therapists, but usually not both. We have so much knowledge on the depth and complexity of human behaviors, which ensures you are safe and supported, no matter what you want to tell us. Our superpower is to connect, empathize, understand, and validate what people are going through and feeling.

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